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The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown is an American paranormal television series that will premiere as a new original series in the United States on Amazon Oct 31st, 2017. The promos has taken the media by storm.[1] The series features Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell as they investigate[2] the most haunted abandoned asylumssanitariums and mental hospitals. The show airs on Saturday's at 8/7c.[3] They have been heard[4]across the United States on numerous AM / FM Radio Stations [5]

The series follows the paranormal team known as the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters setting out to shake up the Paranormal realm or community with their investigative processes and scientific experimentation at numerous haunted locations across the nation.[6] Country Music Star Turned Ghost Hunter.[7]

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of filming a Paranormal Television show? In this series, we take you on a journey to go behind the scenes of the filming of Amazon's new original Series "The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown" This series will give you a glimpse of what a crew actually goes through once arriving at a location, from unloading to setting up, to getting ready to film for the show. 

Never before has there been such a show showing you what goes on ...

Behind the camera..and through the eyes of a Paranormal Investigator.

Generation Truth is a full length documentary film about the paranormal culture, its impact on society through the years, the hard work and investigators, the businesses's, and people involved. In a ongoing effort we will follow along every aspect from the local person to the conventions, teams in the field, universities, and more as a way to give back and show the aspects of a unique and wonderful community.

My name is Christopher Houston and for over 20 years due to a personal story I have traveled across the globe in search of answers. What did I find? I found a wonderful and often struggling community within a realm of the unknown from professors searching for truth to individuals fascinated and scared of those things we all seek to understand. Now at the end of this journey I want to tell those story's, give back to those that educated me within those years of looking, and tell the real truth about the paranormal community most over look. Its sometimes not about the fame or fortune but what brings people together from that struggle, that passion, those wonderful discoveries, finding the truth, and that journey that makes us all. Will you join me on this adventure?

Based on true story
Lucy starts out in the story in her 20's she the youngest of 5 kids. She meets her husband James threw his cousin Janice who is her close friend. She has a child. Three months before child is born James is killed. The child is born William is the name. Tragedy strikes again the baby found dead 6 weeks later in it crib. She looses it at this point. Depression surrounds her. Two attempts of suicide led her to the main subject of the story st. Albans. St.Albans deals with all kinds of characters. Lucy has to share a room with a couple of other patients. She meets some of the patients and writes about them in her journal. Lucy mother dies while she there. Lucy dies of brain Arianism.

About St Albans..

In 1916 Dr. J.C. King converted St Albans from a boy’s school to a hospital for the mentally ill and St Albans Sanatorium came into existence. Even though the treatment of mental disorders at St Albans was far superior to the care given to “lunatics” at other facilities, many patients succumbed as a result of the experimental treatments performed at this institution. Insulin Coma Therapy (ICT), Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Hydro Shock Therapy (HST) all resulted in a significant number of fatalities. There are several documented suicides.

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A new show in Pre-production:
Truth or Legends: In your Hometown
Filming start date - March 2019

Paula and Gavin will be traveling all over the United States to visit the selected teams for the reveal. What do they mean by "Reveal?"
The new show will deal with a little History, the main story, and or course Evidence. Each team will be investigating a location in their hometown to validate if the location is truly haunted or it was only based on a legend in their hometown.
The selected teams will present to us more history and what they found out about the location. This new show will show the investigative skills of numerous teams and how they conduct an investigation to gather evidence. Course, Then they'll talk about it on camera and if they have something to share with Gavin and Paula such as and not limited to EVP's, Photos, video footage, and personal experiences.


Pre-Production August 2019



Pre-Production Jan 2020


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