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Truth of Legends in your Hometown - S01E01

By In The Shadows Entertainment Group |  July 01, 2022

Gavin and Paula travel to Grand Rapids Wisconsin to the infamous First Ward School. Upon entering the massive school, they meet up with the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. The owner and the team Gavin and Paula the tour and provide the history of the location. All the excitement brings us to the compelling evidence reveal. The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters present their best evidence captured at the First Ward School, leaving you with this question…Is the first ward truly Haunted? You’ll have to see and find out!

R&R Paranormal eagerly waits at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, TN for the arrival of Gavin and Paula. This hospital sure gives off a vibe, shadows lurking down the halls, growls heard a floor above. Great location to have evidence presented to Gavin and Paula during the Reveal deep inside the bowels of the Hospital. Both case files will be stamped.. stick around to see how the teams decide is the location Truly Haunted or Based on a legend... This is how it all starts...  Review both case files and their stamps let us know which you thought was haunted and which was based on legend in the comments!

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