A new show in Production
Truth or Legends: In your Hometown
Filming start date - March 2019
Network -TBA
Release Date - JUNE 1st, 2020

Here are some details on the project :-)
Paula and I will be traveling all over the United States to visit the selected teams for the reveal. What do we mean by "Reveal?"
The new show will deal with a little History, the main story, and or course Evidence. Each team will be investigating a location in their hometown to validate if the location is truly haunted or it was only based on a legend in their hometown.
The selected teams will present to us more history and what they found out about the location. This new show will show the investigative skills of numerous teams and how they conduct an investigation to gather evidence. Course, Then we'll talk about it on camera and if they have something to share with us such as and not limited to EVP's, Photos, video footage, and personal experiences.